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If you are thinking of starting a home business or maybe you have just begun a new venture. One of the first steps in getting new customers is discovering your warm market, making your list and contacting those people you already know.

This isn’t so much as selling your friends and family, but more like making the announcement and seeing if they are willing to help you get started.

Your first step in starting your Network Marketing business and getting it launched successfully is going to start with notifying your “warm market” about your business. Your warm market consists of people who you know on a first name basis. Your sole objective is to let people know that you have a business; what it consists of and who you are looking for as customers and business partners.

You are simply notifying about your business and what each person does with that knowledge is up to them. You are offering something of value, that you believe in and the idea is not to bug or badger anyone. Just notify!

This list should include immediate family, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc., close friends, co-workers, church / organizations, former co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, everyone you know over 18, and everyone else. Facebook is a great way to reconnect with those from your past.

Here are some common misconceptions about notifying your warm market.

  1. I need to know everything about the business before I contact anyone. MLM is a simple business and there is not that much to know. Your sponsor and upline are there to support you and provide this assistance. There are tools and systems offered by the company that you will use to make this simple. Your excitement and enthusiasm will go a long way with your prospect.
  2. I want to be successful first, before I contact anyone I know. As was stated before, you aren’t doing anything but notifying. That is your one business obligation – let people know. If you can’t start with that, where are you going to start and how are you going to generate the success you want to get you to the point of letting your friends and family know about your business?

We aren’t in the business of convincing, harassing or bugging anyone. We are in the business of networking. We network our products and our opportunity and provide more details to those who are interested. That’s it.

So, make that Warm Market List and launch your business.

If you are just exploring starting your own home based business and haven’t decided on an exact opportunity yet feel free to browse our companies on the right side of the page. I’ve successfully involved in the home based business profession since 2000 and the companies that we work with have outstanding track records for success. If you need more information in deciding contact me and I will be glad to help you with additional information.


EXPECT Success!


Michael Sparks

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