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Everyone loves to make a few extra dollars, right? Well what if I told you that it’s possible to make money from your blog with just a little effort in 2018?? Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Monetize With CPM or CPC

There are two popular types of ads these days. CPC/PPC and then CPM. What’s the difference? Both can help you make a little money off your site, but which will work best for you depends entirely on yourself.

CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (also called pay per click) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click.


CPM Ads: CPM Ads, or “cost per 1,000 impressions,” are ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.


If you’re unfamiliar with Google Adsense, it’s a great program because you don’t ever have to be in direct contact with the advertisers themselves. you simply place the banner on your site, Google chooses ads relevant to your content, and your viewers click on the ads.

BAM! If Adsense doesn’t work for you, not to worry. There are countless other services like it that you can choose from and make a little cash on your blog this year.

“Throw in Those Affiliate Links!”

Another great way to make some money on your blog is to include affiliate links in your content and on your site. But what even IS an affiliate link? Let’s say an advertiser has a product he really wants to sell. He sees your site and agrees to give you a commission from each sale if the buyer is coming from your site. But that means they have to click on YOUR link.


He will give you this unique link that tracks your affiliate code. This way, he knows when a buyer used your particular link to make a purchase.

You include your affiliate link somewhere obvious on your site. You can do this directly in your content or through banner ads. If and when a reader clicks on your unique link and buys the product you have recommended, you earn a percentage of what she purchased. Awesome, right??


It also can be a good idea to utilize affiliate links through ad networks like Amazon Associates, OR you can create private partnerships with advertisers and businesses using an affiliate program.

Digital Products = Gold

But hold it. Digital products are only gold if you’re selling what your readers actually WANT from you. Lots of people make the mistake of assuming they are developing a product their readers need or really, really want. Don’t make this mistake! Listen to your readers and create digital products they really want and will use. Things Like Ebooks, Seminars, Kickstarter Programs and more.

Are you ready to make money from your site in 2018? Let’s go!

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