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7 Challenges for the Network Marketing Industry

From the Direct Selling News: AdvoCare International today announced a revision of its business model from multi-level marketing to a direct-to-consumer and single-level marketing compensation plan. [read more...] After watching and jotting down some challenges facing...

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Can you earn money in AMSOIL?

Can you earn money in AMSOIL? Here is an order from one of our accounts placed on 4/16/2019. Order total $2,336.55. This provided 514.12 commission credits and $329.28 cash commission. The 514cc's at the Direct Jobber level is an additional $118. On this order alone I...

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Build that Wall!….

It will make America Great again! This blog post will not be what you think it is about. While "The Wall" has been a source of contention these days, we will not get political whatsoever. That is, unless personal responsibility and taking care of your loved ones could...

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How to Make Your Home Look {Really} Expensive

Have you ever just wanted your home to have that expensive look but without the hefty bill it comes with? Did you know it’s actually not all that difficult? And that it doesn’t have to be expensive? Here are just a few tips to make your home look {really}...

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Breaking up With Your Bank

Breaking up is hard, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to your banking relationship. If course, if you’re using the Infinite Banking Concept, (and why wouldn’t you be?) breaking up is EASY! But let’s be completely honest here. Even the most diehard IBC practitioner...

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Building the Perfect Budget

  The number one rule to financial success can be summarized like this: spend less than you earn. No doubt you know exactly how much you’re making and where it’s coming from. However, do you know how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on?   Building the...

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Qualifying for a Home Loan

  Ready to take the plunge into purchasing your very own home? Whether you’re tired of renting or you’re just ready to take the leap of owning a home, there are things you’ll want to know about qualifying for a home loan. For one, how do you qualify? What does the...

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