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The Michael Sparks Show

Michael Sparks Entrepreneur Show ep1

Episode 1 will give you a little taste of how I got started as an entrepreneur almost 20 years ago, my background and why I’m more passionate than ever to be an entrepreneur.

Mentors :

  • Shout Out To an Entrepreneur…My New friend Dave Houser over in Connecticut. He’s made the move, flat out quit his 20 year career as a strength and conditioning coach for a University to pursue his own life as an entrepreneur! He’s also started his own podcast to Chronicle his journey to freedom! Way to go Dave! Check him out on facebook.com/dave.houser.5
  • My parents for their work ethic
  • My band director, discipline, and determination to accomplish something
  • Marvin Kick, because he was 82, mowed 70 lawns retired from 3 companies, was in WWII, and was a wise steward of his money that got me interested in investing.
  • Al Amatuzio, for providing the vehicle, the vision and unwavering commitment to the AMSOIL dealer network and AMSOIL Inc.
  • David and Carol Bell, who I strive to be like in my AMSOIL Business
  • Kody Bateman for “Changing lives one card at a time by sending out Love, Peace, Gratitude and Positivity to the world.
  • Jordon Adler….for your leadership, your knowledge and your motivation to seek “Beach Money” and beyond. I’m so glad we connected back in 2005.
  • Nelson Nash… Infinite Banking Concept. Where have you been all my life my friend, your ideas have changed our financial lives.
  • Jon Webster …MPG Wealth. for taking up the slack where David Bell left off and for being my friend and advisor in our new journey with Infinite Banking.
  • Kim Butler Prosperity Economics for your tireless servant leadership in the prosperity economics movement. Your books, video, and commitment to shed light on how money works as well
  • My friend, love of my life and my wife Alecia Sparks as well as  many others who made an impact on my life.

Today’s show is brought to you by Lube-Direct.com, an AMSOIL Independent dealer and Direct Jobbers Michael & Alecia Sparks.

To learn more about this exciting company, products and business opportunity, visit lube-direct.com

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