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There are a few key qualities that every successful Network Marketing Professional have in common and one at the top of the list is using your own products! All of them.

The easiest way to do this is to start right away buy buying your companies products that you already use. This will allow you to create your own personal story and testimonial. Is it possible to use 100% of them? Not always. For instance in our company (lubricants) I’m not going out and buy a bulldozer or a yacht just to sample those products. But I can easily use the ones that go in my car, lawn mower, weed-eater, etc. I keep all the products on hand that I would normally use. Also be sure to keep the empties of the products you use. They can be displayed, or even carried around with as a “show and tell” to others. Put your own label on the empty and leave it places that others could see it. What if you have a product that women use and you get permission from your hairdresser or nail salon to leave the “demo” at their counter. This can be a powerful sales tool.

Begin to share your products with others through samples and demos. This will repay you tenfold in profit, repeat orders and customer referrals over time. Your products are the best sales aid and tool you have, so why not use them? It’s a solid investment in your business and a tax write-off.

As you sponsor others and grow your team, spend your time with the ones who commit to the product line as well. Those who commit to the product line from the beginning deserve your time and will likely be your most stable business builders.

When you are solid in your belief and use of your products, others will notice and become curious. Commit to yourself and your business through this first key quality – Use Your Products! And, then naturally recommend them to others.

If you are going to be a professional in your business you have to be one of those “Products the Pro’s Use” type of people.


Here is to Your Success!


Michael Sparks

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