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We get this question a lot in our home business- How do I motivate my team?


 Answers and Ideas on Motivation and Leadership in your Home Based Business

Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale

The idea of motivating your team starts with motivating and educating yourself. If you are not positive and motivated your team will not be. Educating yourself on motivation and a positive mental attitude will reflect out on your team. One of my favorite ways to motivate myself is to listen to personal development audio CD’s. I’ve learned most of what I know about leadership, motivation and teaching by way of “Automobile University” as Zig Ziglar says it. Listening to these audio programs over and over will cement in your mind the positive mental outlook that you will then be able to transfer onto others that you meet. Some of the greatest speakers and leaders of all time have committed their thoughts and ideas to audio for us to grow in our own personal development. My favorites are Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nighingale and Les Brown just to name a few.

It is not possible to MOTIVATE another person. You can INSPIRE them through your actions and efforts, but motivation comes from within. It’s something each person must get on their own. Ways to inspire include always being in action yourself. Do you have a company top sponsor list; or team building challenge? Be on it so they see and know that you believe and are taking action.

Recognize achievements both big and small. After all, the size of the accomplishment varies person to person and small steps grow to giant leaps.

Have tools and trainings to educate and interact with the team.

Be accessible – return emails and phone calls. Take time to ask how things are going and make note of birthdays, etc.

Consider having contests, challenges and incentives. These don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Start small and see what works!

Attend all company events yourself and encourage your team to attend. Schedule pizza parties; coffee and small team gatherings at events and whenever possible. The bonding and friendships created can really sustain people and inspire them to move forward.

Remember the more success you have and share the more success your team will have.

Team work DOES make the DREAM work!


Here is to your success!


Michael Sparks


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