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I feel that you are looking for more proof that starting and owning your own home business can save you thousands and thousands of dollars on your taxes.

If you have a good job, but are tired of seeing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month evaporate out of your monthly income check listen to this 15 minute audio program by Steven Spangenberg, CPA and home business advocate.


Click to listen Steve Spangenberg Home Based Business or (right click to download link to listen later)

Learn more about saving money on taxes with your home based business.


If you are interested in starting a home business. Contact me I can point you in the right direction. Since 2000 I have had a home based business and have saved tens of thousands of dollars in IRS taxes.

Think about this you may receive a 2 or 3 percent raise at your job this year or worse no raise at all. If you could get back some or all of the taxes you paid this year it would be like receiving a substantial raise.

If you received $5000 back this year and you earned $50,000 in income. That would be the same as receiving a 10% raise.

What’s the chances of you getting a 10% raise from your employer?

Send me a message today or connect with me on social media. I will help you find, started and become successful at your own home based business.

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Taxbot is a web and app based tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to track business expenses and business mileage. We have been using TaxBot since 2015. Our accountant love us because it's so easy to export reports for tax season. We love the fact that we can track multiple business and multiple vehicle mileage logs with this. 

The TaxBot program works with both Android and Iphone apps. 

Here is our affiliate link to get started with a TaxBot.