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Developing loyal customers that use your products regularly is a must for any long term viability of your Network Marketing Business.

Loyalty LadderToday I want to talk about the Loyalty Ladder and how moving customers up this ladder can greatly influence your home based business as a whole.

You may have been told that Network Marketing isn’t about selling, it’s simply sharing; but what successful business do you know of that doesn’t have customers? Yes, we share.  And those who are successful have no issue with sales. Do you want to be successful?

Getting customers requires you to make contact with people who would be willing to purchase your products. That’s sales.

Don’t be afraid of the word – SALES! It’s not a dirty word. Sales go on everyday and you are a part of it in some way, everyday. Why not profit from it yourself, since you offer great products and you believe in those products?

Big checks are created through sales volume and there is no better way to create sales volume than to develop a few loyal customers and teach others to do the same. People will stay in the business when they have success, and that first success of getting a customer goes a long way to securing everyone’s future.

Let’s talk about the process of adding customers.

You first make your list or go out and find new people to add to your list. This is called prospecting. (It’s like digging for gold in the 1800’s. They were called prospectors.)

A prospect is someone that has the potential to purchase and use your products.

Once you help a prospect purchase your product they become a customer. Many times people, for whatever reason, only purchase your products one time. The goal is not to have one time buyers. This is like a kiosk in the mall where they may sell a cell phone case or charger. Does anyone ever go back and become a repeat customer? Not really. What you want to do it treat your customers in such a way that they become repeat buyers.

You can do this by staying in touch, offering “preferred customer” programs, sending out thank you cards, offering coupons, etc. The goal is to turn a customer into a Client. A Client is a repeat customer that knows you, likes you and your products and decides to continue to use your products. The goal is to keep moving customers up the loyalty ladder. The higher they go, the more committed to you and your products they become.

Next we have Supporter. These people not only use your products but tell others about them. They help spread the news and give referrals. When developing a relationship with a customer it’s important to be on the lookout for those that support you and your brand. They may be interested in wearing clothing with your logos and demonstrating to others how your products perform.

Asking Supporters for referrals as well as testimonials is a smart thing to do.

The last rung on the loyalty ladder (for most sales) is Advocate. An Advocate is the next step above Supporter and these people believe 100% in your  products, your mission and You! The Advocate can really help you increase business. They may even be interested in doing events with you, or handing out cards, catalogs and plugging you on social media. Advocates are few but they can really help you, as a distributor, get more customers and give you credibility.

The traditional Loyalty Ladder ends with Advocate. As a home based business / MLM business owner, I’m adding one last rung to the ladder. That’s Distributor or Business Partner.

For the Advocates that become so involved with you and your products that they start telling friends and others about it, the next step would be to become a Distributor. When you identify your Clients or Advocates, you should be asking questions like “How would you like to start earning money on the products you use and those that you recommend?” or “Do you know anyone who would be interested in earning extra money as a representative of XYX company and becoming my business partner?”  If they express interest, then let them know about the Distributorship options available.

In my current business we have customers that become “preferred customers” and I have had many of these preferred customers decide to upgrade to become a distributor. Sometimes they even do this on their own. We had this very thing happen just the other day. I noticed a distributor that I hadn’t seen before show up on our report. I looked at the join date and it was some time in 2010. I called up this distributor to introduce myself, and come to find out he was been using the products for several years and even selling some to friends. He said, “Heck, I might as well earn some money on them and become a distributor”. During our conversation, I gave him several ways to get started working at his business. He is the “Advocate that became a Distributor”.

Be on the look out for those types of customers that could help your business increase exponentially by upgrading to distributor.

Not everyone you know is going to want to get involved in the business. In fact, most won’t. But a strong number of those people will be interested in trying out your products.

  • Set a goal of finding 10 to 15 customers each month and move them up the Loyalty Ladder by using methods mentioned above.
  • Get customers yourself and teach your team to do the same and your volume (and check) will skyrocket.
  • Use the Loyalty Ladder as a guide to help you grow your home based business.


Here is to Your Success!

Michael Sparks, Entrepreneur


PS please feel free to leave your comments below. Have you noticed any of your customers move up the loyalty ladder?

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