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Scripts are used by sales professionals in all fields as a quick and easy way to introduce themselves or their business to people. As a home business owner it makes sense to have a few different types of scripts so that when you run into different types of people you will know what to say.

You may have a script for:

  • Friends and Family
  • Local acquaintances
  • Other business owners
  • Prospects
  • Cold calls
  • Warm referrals

One of the things that stops people from making that list and then actually contacting people about the business is fear of what to say; and how to answer questions and deal with objections. Here are some simple ideas to break the ice. Remember, you aren’t a professional sales person; you are simply sharing information.

 “Hey Joe, I don’t know if you would be interested but I have started a new business from home, and if it’s okay with you, I would like to drop off some information for you to review, so that you’ll know more about what I am doing, in case you come across anyone who might be a match for my business. Would that be all right?”

Don’t put any pressure on yourself or your prospect. The calmer you act the easier it will be for your prospect. No pressure here. Just asking a question. Try to avoid saying anything about your business that is specific unless you are asked. This will keep curiosity high for when you drop off that information.

And, at any time, should your warm market contact express a desire to know more, you’ll take him or her right through the 3 step system that we talked about here. Stick to the tools.

 “Hey, Joe. I’m a dot-com now. I’ve started my own Internet business. Let me give you my website. Would you take a quick look and in case you run into anyone who might be right for my business, I would appreciate any referrals.”

What your friends, family and acquaintances do after the initial introduction is up to them. And, don’t worry about it. Get busy using lots of different techniques and you’ll have plenty of people looking at your business.

Whatever you do, don’t trash your reputation by continuing to call; cajole; or beg your friends to take a look. Be a professional and you’ll get professional results. Follow up casually every 3 or 4 months, because timing and changes do happen with people.

Couple of scripts I like to use are.

Hi Joe, would you do me a favor? I’ve got a new website and I need people to give me some honest feedback. Would you be willing to look it over and give me your thoughts.

Another one is.

Joe, I’m trying to get my new business off the ground and would like to ask if you would be willing to read a couple of my blog posts and make a comment or even give me a review on XYZ social site. (This could be Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Other ways of using a script would be to ask if they would be willing to connect with you online.

Joe, I’m building a new business and you might know someone who is interested in what I’m going or even possibly working with our company.

It’s always a good idea to write your script down and practice them. You might want to record yourself giving the script or practice in the mirror. Always be sure to smile, be polite and sincere.

Be prepared to change up your script as needed. You might need to try to say it several ways to find what works best.

Here is an idea, download these 70 scripts by Tim Sales and see if any would work for you.

Here is to Your Success!


Michael Sparks


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