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In today’s post we talk about finding the right people for your business that may be interested in working with. First step is deciding what type of people would do best in your business then you can figure out a plan to get yourself in front of those types of people.

Once you under that people who might be right for your opportunity are everywhere, but contrary to what you may have heard, not everyone is right for your opportunity. If you go into the game knowing that there are many reasons why not everyone will be interested you business;, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief and it will be easier to accept that a “no” has nothing to do with you.

First, let’s identify who your target market is:

  • Current Customers
  • People who already use your type of product
  • People who have been involved in Direct Sales before
  • Retirees
  • College Students
  • People who are talking about making extra money People who are well connected
  • Your warm market list of people who you know
  • Referrals from those who you know
  • People you meet while out and about

In the past we talked about announcing to everyone about your company, the products and your opportunity, and then see who raises their hand with interest. Your job is not to convince, bug or harass.

Your target market is those people who are looking for what you have. You won’t know until you offer and ask. Simply take the step of asking and notifying each day and you will grow a customer base and a distributor base.

I’ve never understood why so many people keep their home business a secret. I”m guessing it’s because they may be embarrassed or afraid to be ridiculed. You should do what you can to learn that you are making a difference in your own life and the lives of others by offering your product or service to them. You can also do some self discovery in the mean time to help you get over that fear by understanding exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your home based business.

Personally I’ve read books, listened to tapes and watched videos to help me understand the fact that I’m involved with something special and providing this to someone else can only help. If they choose not to use the product, or get involved it’s not a big deal. Having a genuine interest in helping others, meeting others, and staying connected maybe someday the timing will be right for them.

Here are a few books to help you get yourself in that “right frame of mind”

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Here is to your success!

Michael Sparks

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