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I know a lot of people, especially those just getting started in a MLM or Network Marketing business feel uneasy about offering the opportunity to others right away. Maybe you haven’t earned significant income (yet) or you don’t even have any customers or you just started using your product. Hey that’s okay we all started in the exact same place. Probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks or fears is the “what if I get the pyramid question”? Watch this video to understand the pyramid issue: dohomebusinessright.com

I can tell you this. I’ve been in all the situations above and over time have overcome all of them. Having the right mental attitude when talking with a new prospective customer or team partner is essential.

You must always be ready to talk positively about your business opportunity.

Being prepared to recruit is essential to success. You never know when the perfect prospect will be right in front of you. Don’t miss a chance to take action on not only pursuing your dreams, but offering a true gift to others in the form of your business and opportunity. Having some tools available to help you will also take some of the pressure off yourself. I’m sure your company has literature, CD’s or DVD’s. They may have a website to help you or you could use 3rd party tools and even create your own like I have.

Most people in our profession never really try to recruit for fear of rejection; for of what others thing and/or fear of seeming pushy, but remember this – recruiting is about what you have to GIVE, not what you are going to get. Approach it with this mindset and your business will soar! The more you understand the process of giving the more you will have success. Recently I re-read the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann and the points in this book really make sense. Ideas like

Imagine this – you can change the course of someone’s life by offering them the following:

  • Financial freedom and a debt free lifestyle.
  • Time freedom – be your own boss and call the shots.
  • Increased Income potential – the beauty in Direct Sales is that your income is in direct proportion to what you put into it. You set your own pay.
  • Recognition – people are starved for appreciation and recognition today.
  • New friends, like-minded people.
  • Personal growth and self-development – this is one of the most exciting parts to our business and one that often isn’t realized until later. You truly get to see just what you are made of.
  • Tax advantaged (you get to keep more of Your money that you have earned)
  • Building of an Asset. Your home business is an Asset which can be sold, or inherited by an heir.

Remember this – you never know who needs what you’ve got!

I can tell you this. I would have never dreamed that back in 1999 when I decided to become a distributor in my company how my life would have changed. While I have had ups and downs, trials and tribulations, my business has allowed me to experience all of the above and even more.

I can say the biggest thing for me is the time freedom and the relationships that I would have never made as well as those lives that I have helped become more by being part of our company and our team.

It is my hope that you will decide for yourself to become involved with a home based business opportunity so you can experience these same positives.


Here is to Your Success!


Michael Sparks

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