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The people that call me the most make the most money. When someone is just getting started in a home based business they are usually very unsure of how to really get traction. Many feel that they are lost, then they get discouraged and finally they just give up.

I can’t tell you how many untold people that gave up because they never got any support from their sponsor or mentor if you will. Beginning your business is the hardest part of making money with your home business. You don’t have any customers, you feel like your contacts will run when they see you coming and  you are unsure how to even approach them.

My offer is that I can help you, guide you and inspire confidence that you are able to get a program in place to start your home business off right. Doing home business right is key to success. I’ve spelled out many of the ideas and programs that have worked for me on this website.

How about this. You decide you want to begin an online business. You get in touch with me, and we figure out your game plan before you even start. We can then set measurable goals and help you achieve those goals.

I’ve even created documents that you can use to set goals, contact customers, learn about the programs and awards to help you realize your goals.

I’m attaching a sheet the spells out the AMSOIL programs and awards. I’ve used this sheet (that I made up myself) as a guide to build my business to the level that it is today.

I can tell you this. The financial rewards are outstanding. The hardest part is just getting started. It seems like it takes longer than you expect to build it, but then you can earn more than you imagine if you really put your mind to it.

Get with your sponsor or upline. Learn what they did to become successful, take those ideas see if they work for you or build off of those ideas. You would be surprised on what you can accomplish in the next few months if you really put your mind to it.

Your mindset is the most important aspect of your business and efforts because if you aren’t solid there, nothing else matters.

It starts with being very clear on the reason WHY you are doing your business. This must be so compelling and powerful for you that it will see you through any and all obstacles. There is a great saying – Your Why should make you cry.

The next step is to get clear on your fears within your business. Most of us have them and the key to success isn’t so much in getting over the fear, but in the courage to power through despite the fear.

Imagine the first time one jumps out of an airplane with a parachute; do you think there is fear? Absolutely. But what gets the person to jump is the courage to do it, with faith that the outcome will be great. You will have fears; especially in the beginning. Expect it and move through and beyond them. This simply takes courage!

Developing your skill set is the next piece in being prepared. And, this is a process and takes time. Most of us come from an employee background and have an employee mindset. That’s okay. I did. It took time to understand the mindset of a business owner; understanding the concept of not keeping all your profits to spend, but reinvesting a portion back into your business. A very important skill set is learning how to communicate with people; how to ask probing questions; how to be a great listener and problem solver; how to commit to doing tasks you may not enjoy. These are learned skills and so if you are struggling with them now, that’s okay.

Finally, become unstoppable in pursuit of your dreams! If anyone else has achieved success with your company or product, then you can, too. Yes, you can. Make the decision and go for it! No one else is responsible for your success or failure! Choose which one you want to be known for!

Get yourself going and you will see all that you can accomplish.

Here is to your success!


Michael Sparks


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