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Successful sponsoring into your Network Marketing business is simple when you have a three step system to follow. A three step system is simply having three, pre-determined steps in mind for how you are going to guide your prospect through your company overview.

We have followed this plan for years with great success. Sponsoring in your business doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. The key to success in sponsoring is that you are consistent, timely and have the ability to follow up easily.

This way, you always know what the next step is, and you can let your prospect know as well.

Again, this models a simple system that is already in place should your prospect decide to join you in business. Someone exploring your business will know what will be expected of him or her.


A three step system may look like this –

  • Step 1 – Call prospect and dial into recorded message.
  • Step 2 – Prospect visits website to go through full business details.
  • Step 3 – Follow up phone call to answer questions, 3 way into upline and get signed up.

It should be easy for you to develop a three step system that fits with your opportunity. Check with your sponsor or upline if you need assistance.

Our 3 step system consists of this.

  1. Meet new prospect for the first time or connect online
  2. Send information via email, or regular mail
  3. Follow up via social media, email autoresponders, telephone, text message or using our greeting card system, ThoseCardFolks.com

I would love for you to share your system with us. Please comment below.


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