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SandyBotkinSandy Botkin the inventor of taxbot explain why everyone should have a home based business. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it has to be something that you can work at everyday, something that other people need so you can use your vehicle to promote the products so you can get maximum tax deductions.

Being a computer programer (while you can do from home) would probably be difficult to fit into this system. But having a product or service like any of the thousands of home business opportunities out there can help you maximize your tax savings.

If you have a job say earning $30,000 per year, you are paying thousands and thousands in taxes, get some or all of that money back by starting a home based business.

We are home business experts and currently have several. We would love to teach you how to do this, by setting up your own home business.

In his book “Lower your Taxes Big Time” Sandy explains why it’s so important to have a home based business.

Tax Savings Book

Lower your taxes Big Time

We learned long ago about the importance of this, but what took us a long time is to find a way to maximize our deductions. We believe in the first 2-3 years of your business ownership, maximizing tax savings should be your first and foremost activities besides finding new customers. Learning the tax reduction strategies can put profits in your pocket even in the first year.

Using the program Tax Bot has saved us countless thousand of hours of record keeping as well as all the headaches of scrambling around at tax time try to remember what this receipt and that receipt was for. All of our tax information is one place and easy for our accountant to tally and add to our IRS forms. This also saves us money at the accountants office! How’s that for savings.

You can read more about these tax savings by purchasing the book “Lower your Taxes Big Time”




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Taxbot is a web and app based tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to track business expenses and business mileage. We have been using TaxBot since 2015. Our accountant love us because it's so easy to export reports for tax season. We love the fact that we can track multiple business and multiple vehicle mileage logs with this. 

The TaxBot program works with both Android and Iphone apps. 

Here is our affiliate link to get started with a TaxBot. http://bit.ly/Taxbot2020