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So you’ve been working hard on your Network Marketing business and you’ve decided it’s time to quit and spend even more time doing the things you want to do.

Consider going out with a bang! Maybe this video will give you some inspiration!

When you have replaced your income is when the real fun begins. Think about it.  You’re spending 8 or more hours a day not focusing on your real passion. That time and energy that you can now divert to your MLM business can give you more traction, more focus, and expand your business even faster.

As a person who has done this, I’m most productive between 7am and 10am. That means I’m more creative, more motivated and ready to really get some things done. If I were at a job, that time would be spent focusing on someone else’s priorities instead of my own personal business tasks.

I can tell you, the freedom to work when inspiration strikes you and to be able to take a break when things are just not productive, which is typically around 1-3 pm for me, is amazing.  I can plan ahead to do work that requires less focus or even take a nice break (or a nap in my case) between 1-3 pm.  Afterwards, I’m ready to get back at it!

My next productive time is between 6pm-10pm. Instead of watching TV, I’ve used those times to make calls, produce blog posts, read and learn new things as well as come up with new plans to implement in my business.

Consider when it’s time to quit that job.

There are a couple of ways to do this. For me, I fortunate enough to be able to work part-time for 2-3 years to maintain a a decent income as well as company benefits. This could be an option with your current job. Talk to your boss and let them know that you still want to be part of their company but your passions are elsewhere. If you are a valuable employee, they may understand and possibly allow you time to continue to work.

The other option would be to quit your full time job and freelance other services to allow you the time to continue to build your home business on a more flexible schedule. Even something like lawn care or painting services a couple days a week could help bring in income to help bridge that gap.

Going full time in Network Marketing can be scary at first. But realize that risky is the new safe. While you may have unsteady income and you may wonder if you can do it without something to fall back on, you are actually more safe than any job that can fire or lay you off!

Just yesterday, one of my long time business partners and friends called because he was just fired from his job. He’s considering going full steam at his home business. I encouraged him to explore that possibility. At the very least he could try it for a few months and then if things don’t work out go find another job.

In closing, think about that day that will come when you can walk into your job and with a great smile on your face and tell your boss that you appreciate the opportunity to have been able to work for them, but you are now setting out on your own. You are entering the next phase of your life. (Who knows, maybe now your boss will see there are better ways to live a life and may want to partner with you in your business!)

Here’s to your success!


Michael Sparks

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