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Found a great article the other day that brings up a simple to excellent point. The idea is that most people and business are spending a lot of time on other forms of social media instead of developing your very own.

Your own personal website that you own should be your first and foremost place that you drive internet traffic to. Posting on facebook or some other social site doesn’t give you as good a presence as your own website.

One of the biggest online marketing mistakes that I see more than anything else is the deadly practice of digital sharecropping. Building your business on a digital platform you don’t own or control (like MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter).(read more…)

As you see, you are reading this article on my own personal website. I own the domain and I own the site. This means that anything I post is listed here for as long as I maintain my site. If I decide to move my website, all the information is stored in a database that I can take with me.

If you post on facebook or even another “free” website service like, weebly, blogger, google sites ect… you don’t own that. If the company doesn’t like what you are posting they can take your site down without warning.

As a note, many places (like strictly forbid network marketing or affiliate websites that promote that type of internet marketing. So if you have a home based business it’s best if you create your own site.

I learned how to create my own wordpress site just like the one you see here by reading the book WordPress for Dummies as well as visiting others websites and blogs that talk about website creation. Here are just a few.


We try to never half step things here. That is why we recommend using a premium wordpress theme from To learn more about Studio Press visit the StudioPress 101 page.

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