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I get this question often, and it really puts me in a quandary.

I meet people for the first time or even people I already know they ask me “Exactly what is it that you do?” I have a myriad of answers for them and none really ever seems to go over well. I guess the reason I’m writing is to ask for your help.

What is it that you think I do? Sell oil, train others, lead people. Heck maybe some people think I do absolutely nothing, which isn’t’ the case at all.

In 2000 I found a business that suited me perfectly, this business allowed me to work with businesses and provide synthetic lubrication for them to use or sell. During the first couple of years I focused on getting as many buying customers as possible. By using a variety of techniques like cold calling, face to face, trade shows, internet etc I was able to build a base of customers across the US. The next phase I wanted to get more leaders into my organization. I wanted to help them and train them on what I have done to build my business. First I needed to be able to do and show the important things that are needed to become successful. It’s take years but I have been able to get some other people in leadership positions.

Now when I am networking and meet new people I don’t necessarily give everyone all the details of what I do. I first want to get to know that person, what they need and how I can help them. If they are fit to work with me I believe they will be attracted to what I do and then move in that direction. If they are not well, then I can possibly help them by connecting them to others or being of source of knowledge for them. This is especially true in social media and online marketing. I enjoy helping other businesses get more exposure.

I want to work on getting through to someone that may be able to help me by giving me a qualified referral or some business. Especially when they ask what I do. This means that are at least somewhat interested in connecting. After meeting someone for the first time, I come home with their card and find what social networks we can connect on. My big 3 are Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. What I find amazing is how many professional people are still not using linkedin. This site is designed for professional people to connect, refer and learn about each other. I have been a member of linkedin for a long time. I have a fully detailed profile in what it is that I do and how I can help someone. Also with Linkedin you have access to my entire network. So if I can’t help you maybe someone in my network can.

If you haven’t checked out my profile on Linkedin you can do so now:

Also you can be sure to check out my social proof page. I try to keep this up to date with all my various online activities and website. It’s extensive but I believe you have to do these things to be able to connect in a variety of ways.

So in asking for your help, let me know what it is you think I do and offer up suggestions on how I can become a better networker by in person and in social media.

Working on your networking skills takes time. I suggest starting with some books based learning how to effectively network. One of my favorites is Little Black Book of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer

Anyhow in figuring out what it is that I do, well all I can say I’m not just one thing. I do many and lets see what I can do to help you!

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