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dollars_background_203476Recently we read an article over at Military Times regarding the latest military pay raise is locked in at 1. 3%. With cuts in funding and troop reductions many soldiers sailors, marines and airmen are looking at having their own home based business to bridge the gap.

“That’s a disappointment to advocates who were pushing for a larger paycheck boost to keep military salaries in line with increases in private-sector wages. “

Since the housing crash in 2008 many families have turned to starting a home business for one of both spouses to help with paying bills and building a long term residual income.

With the increasing cost of living increasing due to inflation between 2 and 5% depending on your sources it is becoming even harder for many to have a basic standard of living.

Home business are great because those that start a business can put as much or as little into it depending on time constraints and their full time job requirements.

Typically, the pay raise is set to match anticipated growth in private-sector salaries, expected to be 2.3 percent in 2016. But the law allows the president to set an alternative pay plan in cases of a national emergency or budgetary constraints, something Obama has done for three consecutive years.

Having a home business means that you are 100% in control of the income you earn. Asking or even worse begging for a pay raise in a thing of the past. When you have control over your financial future you have freedom. Earning double and even triple digit pay raises is possible with many types of home businesses.

Many military members have to deal with deployments, extra duty, and still take care of their families. Having a home based business allows them the time freedom to fill in the gaps to create extra income in between all the other requirements.

We personally work with several full time active duty military members that are building their home based business.

Today with the advent of the internet, Skype, online marketing, social media and other Should I start a home businesstypes of marketing, military members can be deployed and still be able to work their business online. One of our business partners was stationed in Afghanistan for 12 months and regularly took part in conference calls, online webinars as well as followed up with leads, prospects and customer to keep their business growing.

Some of our active duty business team members are looking towards the future when they either retire or ETS from the military. They are planning now so they can be in a position to work their home business full time soon after their military service.

Read the complete article here: Military pay raise all but locked in at 1.3%

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Since 2000, Michael Sparks has been involved with a home based business that has allowed him to create a lifestyle most others only dream about. Working from home is very rewarding and has created the time freedom and financial freedom for his family. It’s nice knowing that he doesn’t have to miss the important things in life due to full time work requirements. Michael is also a 27+ year military veteran with a mix of active duty and National Guard / Reserve time. He is currently serving in the Tennessee National Guard.

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