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By now, many of you have heard that we’ve started a new business venture on teaching people how to “Become their own Banker”. This new twist on an old product allows people to plan, setup and build wealth using a specially designed high cash value life insurance product.

We’ve named our new business Dynasty Wealth Partners and are planning to build a website very soon for those who would like to learn more about this.

In the mean time we’ve found a very easy to read and understand book that you can get that explains this in just a few pages. This book is available on through Amazon Kindle store for download for just $2.99 Amazon Prime. (If you don’t have a kindle you get get the app for free for ipad and droid based platforms)

Live Your Life Insurance

If after reading this book you would like more information or setup an appointment via phone or webinar please contact me.

Michael Sparks–Dynasty Wealth Partners  contact-michael-sparks

Or call 931-801-9401

Dynasty Banking / College Savings Plus / Business Without Banks

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