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Our last article talked about how military members were to only receive a 1.3% pay raise in 2015. Read the article here: Military members joining home business movement

Today we want to touch on how a active or reserve military member can join a home business.

We’ll touch on several things in this article.

Start a Home Business

Start a Home Business

  • Thinking about what you want, like and have time to do
  • Dealing with your full time employer/unit
  • Enlisting the help of your spouse when you are away
  • Using the internet to stay active and continue to grow your home business

Many members of the military already have begun their home business journey. Maybe they have been introduced to a home business through a friend or co-worker. Or maybe they have sought out a business opportunity they became interested in. Either way congratulations to you for taking that first step.

What if you are a military member and are reading this article for the first time, maybe you never considered a home business opportunity in the past. Maybe you didn’t think you had time to add one more thing to your plate. We can tell you this, there is always time to get started with a home business. You can put as much or as little into it as time allows. The key is starting.

First up, thinking about what you would like to do, what you would be good at and most importantly what type of business would suit your lifestyle.

Do you want a hands on business or do you gravitate to an online type of business? Do you want a business with products that you can touch and show others or does a company that offers concepts and services seem to be a better fit?

Considering the upfront cost to get started. Some business opportunities can be free or less than $50 while others may cost several hundred dollars as well as have monthly product purchase requirements. Still others may cost but have value added tools to help you get off the ground. You will want to evaluate to business carefully to determine what is most important and valuable to you. There are hundreds if not thousands of legitimate home business opportunities to choose from.

How does one choose a home business company to work with? This is a difficult question to answer. We believe most people are introduced to an opportunity though a friend or acquaintance, from there they may read some company literature or watch some videos on the company, products and the compensation play. After that they decide to join with the person who talked to them about it.

In a perfect world we would recommend a different approach. By doing due diligence, talking with several company representatives as well as various leaders within each company one could get a better feel for success as well as be matched with a business opportunity they can succeed with. Start by writing down names of companies you already have heard of or maybe search on the internet. There are many 3rd part sites that give great information.

Once you decide on your best 3 or 4 companies, do an interview with several current representatives, find out if you are a good match for each other. There is nothing worse than getting started with a business and have a business partner that you can’t get along with or don’t want to work with. Once you join it can be difficult to change to another person because of company rules.

Good luck with your search, we would love to help you evaluate any opportunity, we have over 15 years experience and have friends, and acquaintances in dozens of home businesses. We could give you our expert opinion on the companies you are looking at.

Next, if you are active duty military it would be wise to check with your current command and find out if there is any conflict with you starting a part-time business. In most cases your command will have rules on extra-curricular employment. While a home business is not considered employment it’s always smart to discuss this prior to getting involved and joining a company. This is especially true if there is a significant upfront cost.

Another thing to think about is if there are any conflicts with mentioning or selling to subordinates. This can get you into big trouble and is something to consider if you are thinking about selling your products or services at your job.

We mentioned enlisting the help of your spouse. Military spouses are some of the hardest working people we know. They “Hold the Fort Down” when you are gone as well as have a lot of sacrifice for the good military. Have a serious discussion with your spouse, let them know you are interested in having a home business and if they would be willing to help out if you get deployed or have duty where you won’t be able to work at your business effectively. Not having a spouse on board can cause resentment, conflicts and marital problems, so it’s best to discuss this prior. Secondly, a spouse that is on board with your decision to get involved with a business opportunity can more than double your efforts. Consider choosing a business opportunity that suits both of you not just one of you.

In closing, think how effective you can become using the internet to work at and build your business. You may not have all the skills right now today, but those skills can be learned over time and can be an added benefit especially when trying to work at and build your business while on active duty. Programs like WordPress (which is what this site uses) as well as Facebook, twitter, Google, etc can help you find customers that are looking for your products. Learn about online marketing, pay per click, email marketing, doing webinars and video calls. The internet abounds with tools to help an entrepreneur build their business.

Lastly, be sure the business you choose is fun. The more fun you have working at your business the more you will want to do it.

We hope this article was helpful to you in choosing how to get started with a home business while being an active duty military member. We thank you for your service and wish you the best of luck in your military career as well as your business opportunity.

If you like this article or you know anyone who is in the military that would benefit from reading this please share. We thank you for reading.
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