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Why do we get so involved in celebrating the new year? What’s up with all the hoopla, parties, drinking and resolutions? In reality isn’t today just another day like any day? Come on, we’re not celebrating a person place or thing, just a date on the calendar. What makes this day worth celebrating?

Honestly I somewhat dread the new year. Why you ask? It means that I have to start getting all my tax crap together for the IRS. You see, being self employed it’s not as easy as taking your W2 down to the Jackson Hewitt kiosk at Walmart or H&R block or any number of fly by night tax prep places that are only open a couple months a year and getting my refund in 7 days. BTW I rarely get a refund and I like it that way. I sure don’t like giving the IRS an interest free loan for 12 months.

Anyhow, today starts the prep of getting all my receipts, income 1099’s (multiple) mortgage statements, interest statements from multiple banks, investments and such. It’s really a daunting task to do this and by the way i don’t get paid to do it and honestly it pisses me off because of the time drain on my life and what I really should be doing (being a productive member of society) Plus I don’t get to discount my own time as a tax deduction for getting my taxes together, unless I pay someone to do it….”Hmmm, there is a thought”

After I get all this together then I have to meet with a CPA, you see these “fly by night” companies just can’t handle the complex tax returns of business ownership. This is why you should find and consult with a CPA that is knowledgeable if you are are in business. And I never begrudge the fact of going to the CPA, this is actually the easiest part! And the cost of the CPA far outweighs the savings in taxes, time and protection they offer. Find a good CPA and they will save you money.

After the dread of getting my taxes together then I have to take some time to reflect on what I wanted to accomplish last year and if I had made any progress, where the hell did that list go I made last year? Ugh, who knows. Well I did get a few things done but I have no clue if all or what.

After I reflect, now I have to look to the future of the next 1 year, 3, years, 5 years of planning, goal setting, discussing with my wife and family on what we need to do. This is somewhat fun, but I know come next year it will be “where the hell is that list again?”.

Anyhow my take on New Years and birthdays and anniversary’s is it’s just another day, but an important one no less. You see we couldn’t spend every single day of our lives planning and goal setting, we should be working everyday. So spending a couple days a year reflecting on the past, planning on the future and taking a few notes in the process “where the hell is that list again?” to see if in the end of our lives if we have accomplished anything meaningful.

So ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to accomplish here?
  • What impact have I had on those I care about and the world around me?
  • What can I do to leave a lasting legacy that others generations from now will appreciate?

Setting goals is just one aspect of the new year. We do plan to get that list going again. My first promise is that next year I won’t be saying “Where the hell is that list again?”

So for today as being just another day on the calendar.

Happy January 1st, 2015

Now get your ASS to Work!


Ps. I’m going to set my goals up in evernote.com so I can at least search for them.  I’m also going to make 2015 better than ever and I am so thankful and appreciative that you are part of my life. If we have not connected please connect with me!


As always, comments on this blog are welcome.


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