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Michael Sparks

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  1. Compounding works over time, so start saving right now today.
  2. Money has a cost in the future what you spend today sucks from what you could have had in the future.
  3. Banking is the most profitable business in the world, learn to become your own banker.
  4. Investing before saving is stupid.
  5. Government investment partnerships (IRA, 401K, 403b etc) only benefit the government and financial companies.
  6. Use credit wisely it’s a tool, just like a shovel or a hammer.
  7. Learn to take care of yourself, we don’t like to see go fund me accounts because you didn’t plan accordingly, purchase insurance.
  8. Taxes are your biggest wealth drain, learn to pay less taxes.
  9. Start a business right now.
  10. Retirement is a stupid word thought up by governments to get older workers out to make room for younger works. Find your passion and do it until you die.
How’s that for starters?
If you would like help learning more about these 10 items get in touch with me. I have tools that will teach you more about money than 98% of your friends, family and financial entertainers don’t understand.
Many of the ideas above can be learned by reading the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S Clason
richest man in babylon

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